Increase your profit by joining a network of industry professionals working to promote BIM level 3 in the UK

What is the associates programme?

Driving Vision has created a network of architects, programme managers, contractors and clients’ representatives (amongst others) to develop innovative solutions minimising waste and reducing risks on construction projects. We have a methodology to work collaboratively, a suite of tools that can be used by our associates and a fair reward system for all.

Why would you want to become a Driving Vision associate?

  • Increase your profit though our reward system.
  • Deepen and strengthen your relationship with your clients.
  • Create an opportunity for you to identify additional value-added services and products your clients need.
  • Become the “most trusted adviser”.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  • Help save money for your clients.
  • Get more projects with fewer people.

What will it do for your clients?

Together, we build robust plans for AEC organisations to transition efficiently to the Building Information Modelling (BIM) framework and culture.

  • enhance the projects visualisation
  • improve collaboration amongst all stakeholders
  • streamline, automate, and systemise the processes. Make project delivery more reliable & predictable along with being better, faster & cheaper
  • Provide standard operating procedures so clients can become more competitive
  • integrate technologies into a coherent platform
  • build constructible and sustainable assets
  • Help clients define problems
  • Where business model innovation requires acquisition of talent/companies offer support in appraisal of potential targets

How are associates rewarded?

  • 60% of the fees associated with the work delivered by the associate and their employees on any projects managed by Driving Vision or the associate.
  • 20% of the first year turn over for solutions sold by the associate but managed by Driving Vision.
  • 20% of the first year, 10% of the second year, and 5% on subsequent years of clients’ yearly turn over, that are acquired and managed by the associate.

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