About Driving Vision

In November 2017 Driving Vision Group ltd. was formed to enter the Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) markets in architecture, engineering and construction industry.

In 2018 we developed a proprietary Virtual Reality software and BIM services for small and large practices.

In 2019 we entered the market and built relationships with BIM software partners and cloud solution providers.

We have created a multi-talented team with proven track records. We all share the same passion and vision for this new and exciting venture.

Our Vision: We drive growth, cost reduction, investors and stakeholders’ interests for our customers’ organisations by advising and training on the use of immersive technologies and the adoption of the BIM culture.


Jean-Bertrand de Lartigue

Chief Executive Officer

CEO and Entrepreneur experienced in start-up through divestiture business leadership with a proven track record in turnaround, acquisitions, management transition, and troubled asset environments in large and small businesses. 40 years of steering companies through growth, recognising market opportunities, raising money and negotiating profitable financial partnerships. Background in developing expansion strategies through product commercialization, identifying advantageous acquisitions, setting up financial plans for raising money and leveraging competitive landscape. Excellent ability to identify future leaders, nurture talent and create sustainable succession plans developing high senior management teams.

The CEO manages the overall strategy, governance, human resources and finance.


Damien de Lartigue

Chief Technology Officer

Damien has a strong background in technology with a proven track record of understanding a client’s needs and delivering their requirements. With specialities ranging from media hardware and software all the way to full stack web development, Damien has set in place digital marketing strategies using a combination of social media and web applications to bring his clients into the 21st century.

The CTO oversees all technical aspects and technological resources of the company for the purpose of organisational growth; establishes a technological vision for the all stakeholders; and leads the company's technological development.


Eze Phillips

Chief Customer Officer

Eze has 15 years’ experience in the events industry. His roles have ranged from setting up technical equipment in large and small venues, to planning and overseeing the successful delivery of many corporate events & conferences.

Eze has gained knowledge in the different Audio-Visual disciplines and has had both a hands-on role as well as a management role in these fields. In his role as Project Manager, he has done work with the UK Government’s Department for International Trade planning and overseeing many large-scale events nationally including the International Festival for Business in Liverpool in 2016.

The CCO develops the total relationship with the customers’ organisations, guaranteeing the company delivers a positive experience for every customer. This customer-centric approach makes it easy for customers to learn about Driving Vision and buy products or services from the company.


Yafit Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

For the last 15 years Yafit has worked with a large number of businesses who find the evolving face of sales challenging at times. Yafit has seen the situation getting worse since the web and Social Media evolved and took centre stage. For sales directors and managers there is so much choice out there that business development has become even more time consuming, costly and confusing.

Yet you cannot give up on business development or sales as it is at the heart of your business growth. That is why Yafit launched Your Business Development Team in 2015. She now spends my time helping business create effective sales strategies and improve their business development process and outcome.

The CMO oversees all marketing operations of the company and develop its marketing strategy and vision; is in charge of a team of enthusiastic marketing professionals; and directs our marketing efforts towards great success.


Stuart Bentley

Chief Operating Officer

Stuart has over 39 years experience in the architectural profession and building industry and has worked in numerous well known and established Architectural and Design Practices and Estates departments, providing professional, high quality architectural services to both public and private sector alike.

His expertise spans both the public and private sectors having worked as a consultant within the Estates Department of Swansea University and with the Health Authority in respect of projects such as the NHS Direct facilities and the first Paramedic training College in Wales based at Cefn Coed Hospital in Swansea and also experience being part of multi-disciplinary teams designing and constructing Multi-Million pound, mixed commercial, residential, conference and leisure projects.

The COO oversees our organization’s ongoing operations & procedures; is responsible for the efficiency of the business; maintains control of all business operations; and demonstrates leadership. The goal of the COO is to secure the functionality of business to drive extensive and sustainable growth.

Plannerly is a cloud-based BIM Management tool for architectural, engineering, construction companies and building owners, designed to simplify BIM planning, execution and monitoring; improve collaboration & communication; maximize efficiency, save time and minimize cost. We share the same vision of simple BIM planning, we have completed the onboarding training and we are their supported partner in the UK, we gather and convey the end users' feedback to them in order to bring the best possible solution to the market


Cloudalize powers our flexicloud IT solutions, so our clients can share and collaborate with their team or third-party stakeholders on projects from plans, documents or apps easily from the Cloud: 24/7 on any device with maximum security.

The partnership with procore allows construction businesses in the United Kingdom to accelerate digital transformation by seamlessly integrating a leading cloud-based construction platform in the Driving Vision solution


Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality Software Development based in Dundee, Scotland. They developed and now maintain our proprietary Virtual Reality software. We plan to continue to improve on the virtual reality software & develop more applications in Augmented reality

Develop and grow our business. They started by identifying our opportunities and then works backwards to identify the quickest, most effective way to get there.

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