Simplify BIM planning, execution and monitoring; improve collaboration & communication; maximize efficiency, save time and minimize cost.

Driving Vision and Plannerly share the same vision of simple BIM planning and are very proud to be the Plannerly supported partner in the United Kingdom. We are continuously trained and updated when new products are coming to the market. Our role as the United Kingdom partner is to gather and convey the end-users' feedback to Plannerly on a regular basis, help our clients to implement Plannerly, train and support them on how to best use the software in order to always bring the best possible solution to the United Kingdom market

Building Blocks For Successful BIM Management

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Drag and drop from hundreds of free templates to quickly create and agree on your BIM standards, processes and contracts.
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Built-in industry standards to visually define the Geometry, Documentation and Information requirements for each milestone let’s agree on the who, what, when and why!
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Draft individual contracts for each of the stakeholders at the click of a button, and sign electonically on the platform. No need for print outs anymore!
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Simplify your BIM schedule. Let each team assign and sequence their own tasks in a single location.
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Allow teams to quickly manage their own tasks for collaborative status updates. View percent complete by milestone, team or individual team member.
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Verify 2D drawings and 3D models right alongside the project requirements. Validate each deliverable for compliance before use.
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Smart LeanBIM Masterclass

Bim project management

A simple and quick online education series for your company to get true value from BIM. The maximum payment for all four training sessions is £300 however all training is completely free if you are a current customer or if you purchase any paid plan at the end of your masterclass.

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