BIM for Clients and Facility Managers

2020 accelerated the need for technology, and 2021 will be an inflection point for the construction industry, an opportunity for transformation.

Driving Vision cannot predict the future but with our partners we can help you prepare for what is next. As we enter the next decade of construction, only one thing is certain, more change is coming.

As you are planning for the future, questions are inevitable. Get in touch with us we may have the answer, if not we will find it for you!

Driving Vision believe that clients can realise significant benefits on projects by using BIM processes and tools to streamline the delivery of assets with extremely high quality and performing well.

BIM works for any type of projects, large or small, infrastructure, buildings, renovation, landscape, private or public.

Driving Vision has developed a platform and services to facilitate collaboration between project participants, reducing errors and field changes and leading to a more efficient and reliable delivery process that reduces project time and cost.

Key Challenge

Delivering programmes on time and on budget

60% of capital programmes fail to meet cost and scheduled target. Driving Vision has developed a platform to:


Speed up and manage the design phase
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Links project planning with design and construction planning
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Create accurate cost estimates
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Days saved

Deliver more projects on time and within budget
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Key Challenge

Too much rework and waste

30% of construction cost is rework and 55% of maintenance is reactive. Driving vision can help:


Extract information from BIM to build and prefabricate building components
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Improve contracts to reduce costs, improve site safety, and produce greener construction practices by reducing material waste
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Analyse data-rich models, optimise resources, reduce waste, and lower lifetime maintenance and operation costs
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The benfits of BIM


Increase building performance through BIM-based energy and lighting

Future proof

Design and analyse to improve overall building performance


Reduce the financial risk associated with the project using the BIM


Model to obtain earlier and more reliable cost estimates and improved collaboration of the project team

Time saved

Shorten project schedule from approval to completion by using building models to coordinate and prefabricate design with reduced field labour time


Obtain reliable and accurate cost estimates through automatic quantity


Take off from the building model, providing feedback earlier in a project when decisions will have the greatest impact

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Assure program compliance, through ongoing analysis of the building model against owner and local code requirements


Optimise facility management and maintenance, by exporting relevant as-built building, and equipment information, to start the systems that will be used over the lifecycle of the facility

These benefits are available to all types of owner on almost all types of project; however, it is clearly the case that owners have yet to realise all of the benefits associated with BIM. or employ all of the tools and processes discussed changes in the delivery process, selection of service providers, and approach to projects are necessary, to fully realise BIM’s benefits. Today, owners are rewriting contract language, specifications, and project requirements, to incorporate the use of BIM-based processes and technologies, into their projects as much as possible. Most owners that have initiated and/or participated in BIM efforts are reaping advantages in the marketplace through the delivery of higher value facilities and reduced operational costs. In concert with these changes, some owners are actively leading efforts to implement BIM tools on their projects by facilitating and supporting BIM education and research.

What is BIM?

BIM is a way of working together it gives you the ability to scope, plan, design, track, view, construct, and maintain your projects in an environmentally friendly way. Find out more

All stakeholders in a project can access a huge volume of data simultaneously, creating a complete digital description of a building project in a single, always updated file. The model is built up using a library of standard objects.

The use of automation in BIM gives you time to consider the sustainability of the project. It enables designers and planners to create more cost and schedule scenarios in a fraction of the time, allowing them to think more creatively about new sustainability solutions.

BIM moves documentation and designs out of a ring binder into a digital space, making collaboration, visualisation and decision making transparent and timely, through automated and integrated processes.

To get the most out of BIM you have to invest in employee training. At Driving Vision, we understand that getting the most out of your BIM tools is not easy but with the right training you can enjoy 24% higher profit margin versus companies who don’t invest in people training.

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