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January 2024

This article is part of a blog series on the labor shortage in the construction industry in 2024, exploring some remedies to this crisis.

The shortage of workers and the resulting skills gap are challenging construction companies to increase their agility and innovation in hiring, retaining, and training workers.


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January 2024

The labor shortage crisis is an old story in industry publications. They talk about the difficulties of dealing with the following major issues:

  • professionals are near retirement or have already left the industry
  • knowledge transfer from one generation to the other takes time
  • many potential candidates don’t consider construction a good option
  • vacant jobs cannot be fulfilled
  • people...
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January 2024

According to the Future of Construction report The global construction market is expected to grow by US$4.5 trillion by 2030 to reach US$15.2 trillion. Just four countries — China, India, the US, and Indonesia — will account for almost 60% of this growth.

The two growth segments are:

  • the...
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December 2023

The Blog team wishes our friends, readers and their teams a merry Christmas.

Over the holidays let’s remember the joy of times past and present.

We want to thank all the talented friends and colleagues from across the Construction Industry.

We look forward to 2024 and hope that it will be a prosperous and happy year for all!

We will resume blogging on January 12, 2024!

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November 2023

This article is part of a blog series, in which we discuss how drone adoption will grow and the benefits and challenges of using them in the construction industry

The future of drones in the construction industry

Drones, also known as Unmanned...

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