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Introduction to BIM

Five Steps To Better BIM Management

  • Wednesday, 15th April, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

Click here to watch a summary of how you can use BIM to its full potential. We review some tools and tips which will help you streamline your BIM process.

An Introduction To BIM Execution Planning

  • Tuesday, 28th April, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

Today, we review how to create and manage your BIM execution plan successfully. We review a few common mistakes people can make and how you can avoid them.

How do you contract for the right BIM at the right time?

  • Wednesday, 13th May, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

Using BIM correctly is the key to being successful with your BIM process. Watch here as we discuss using the right BIM at the right time to ensure you're making the most out of your investment.

Introducing The Concept Of Lean BIM Management

  • Wednesday, 27th May, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

Using BIM efficiently is the key to being successful. Too much BIM, the wrong BIM or the wrong implementation results in headache and frustration. Here we go over some points to help you understand why a "lean" approach to using BIM is best and how to do it.

Did You Get The BIM You Paid For?

  • Wednesday, 10th June, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

Using BIM should have a positive affect on your P&L. If it doesn't, whats the point? Lets make sure you get the BIM you paid for. Watch now to find out how.

Agile BIM Standards

  • Wednesday, 24th June, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

There are so many different standards available, which one should we choose and why? Watch here as we discuss how to keep your BIM standards lean & agile. Ensuring you get positive results time after time.

Building Lean BIM Requirements For Owners

  • Wednesday, 8th July, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

When we have meetings with our owners, how can we make sure they are not a waste of time and effort? Sometimes these meetings don't work out so well, rather than providing clarity and progress, they end up causing more confusion and frustration. Tune in here to find out how to run a successful BIM meeting for the owners.

Three Steps To BIM Compliance

  • Wednesday, 22nd July, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

A failure in compliance is going to lead to disaster. Therefore ensuring your BIM processes are in compliance with the standards you are using is paramount to your success. Join us here as we cover these issues to keep your BIM journey on the right track.

How To Reduce Your BIM Coordination Issues By 53%

  • Wednesday, 5th August, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

Coordination is one of the main reasons people use BIM. How can you make sure you're following the best methods to streamline your coordination? Watch here to find out.

Win More Work With Practical BIM

  • Wednesday, 19th August, 2020
  • 16:00 (BST)

Selling BIM successfully is the key to repeat business. Unfortunately, sometimes BIM is oversold and under delivered, leaving clients with a bad impression. In this last episode on BIM management, we go through 4 crucial steps to making sure that the BIM you sell, is the BIM you deliver.

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