Will the Construction Industry Supply Chain Suffer in 2024?

After the COVID-19 pandemic, which disorganized the construction supply chain worldwide, 2024 will bring more challenges. With the combination of labor shortages and issues in the supply chain created by the Ukraine and Israeli wars, project managers will have difficulties finding the right resources at the right price. So, uncertainty in the supply chain will remain.

Issues with two of the world’s crucial trade routes, Panama and Suez, will create geopolitical tensions in sourcing and distribution. That could potentially force the construction industry to redesign trade routes built over decades.

Businesses in the industry will also have to pursue clean energy supply chains by accelerating modular and prefabrication construction. Manufacturing logistics networks associated with these techniques mitigate climate change, but the costs of components will increase. New alternative materials will have to be found to alleviate the cost of the resources.

In this series, we will publish the following articles:

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