Why Should the Construction Industry Move to the Cloud?

The technology is evolving rapidly and so it is difficult for the players in the construction industry to always be up to date with the latest software version.

At Driving Vision, we have a dedicated research department to continuously scan the market and understand what is new and worthy for our clients.

80% of organisations in the AECO industry consider the cloud to be a critical part of their business strategy. So why is this the case?

With the plethora of software on the market, all claiming that they are the best, how would you know what is a good fit for your organisation?

What is cloud technology?

Software providers are talking about ERP but very few organisations understand what it means. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning it means that the software used by your company, to manage your information across your organisation can integrate all the BIM uses and activities throughout a project with your accounting, payroll, supply chain, project management and business functions systems into one solution.

What is different between this and your in-house VPN server? An ERP system collects data centrally for wide distribution. Instead of several standalone databases with an endless inventory of disconnected spreadsheets, ERP systems bring order to chaos so that all users can create, store, and use the same data derived through common processes.

Access to information can be done from anywhere, by anybody with authorisation whether they are clients, in the supply chain, on the construction site, or in the office.

Flexible access is the main benefit of cloud-based solutions for, clients, architects, engineers, construction workers, managers, and contractors.

Driving Vision solutions offer the following 10 benefits

"ABSOLUTELY" fabulous benefits by moving to the cloud:

A - Artificial Intelligence reduces human intervention and errors

Artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated into all Driving Vision cloud solutions as it becomes more and more widespread.

Machine learning allows the use and development of computer systems that are able to learn and adapt without following explicit instructions, by using algorithms and statistical models to analyse and draw inferences from patterns in data.

The design, construction, and facility management processes are largely automated to minimise human intervention increasing margins, and improving productivity.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are helping make job sites more efficient and saving money in the process. AI solutions that have made an impact in other industries are beginning to emerge in the construction industry.

B - Back-up and data security improved

Driving Vision recommended software have backup and security tools built in. We understand that any fault in the security of your systems could be damaging to your organisation's reputation and very costly. We are adamant that avoiding data breaches is crucial to the success of your solutions, we make sure that all our proposed solutions include the following features to protect your data on your systems:

  • a secure connection
  • authentication best practices are applied
  • Driving Vision can support you to resolve quickly your issues when they arise
  • the software provider’s reputation is impeccable in terms of security.

S - Supply chain management more flexible

Supply chain volatility is incompatible with strategies supporting stability and consistency, so Driving Vision recommends that you move to the cloud to avoid any disruptions.

Our partner Procore has developed a platform based on real-time data allowing you to manage your supply chain system efficiently.

The visibility that Driving Vision solutions offer will improve the relationship across your supply chain, helping your management team to set goals, for fully implementing BIM, and making sure that these goals are understood by every team member, planned for and delivered to facilitate:

  • the use of new rapidly changing technologies to be integrated in your workflows
  • the data exchange for the enterprise system to be developed
  • the ongoing review of the individual training
  • the activities and tasks progress undertaken to achieve the necessary deliverables
  • the deliverables and milestones related to the goals and objectives.

O - Organisation fluidity improvement

Companies that integrate cloud technology into their business model improve their efficiency by 400%.

With Driving Vision's help, you can implement BIM and introduce new technologies in your workflow at your own pace and comfort. We maximise your Return on Investment by:

  • selecting and recommending which hardware and software you should use,
  • training your staff to use the new system
  • implementing new processes in compliance with ISO 19650,
  • including data security, and
  • maintaining your system at an affordable price.

In-house systems require a lot of resources to maintain so they have a negative impact on your project delivery. With Driving Vision cloud solutions, you will have peace of mind as we will fluidify your organisation and manage your updates remotely to:

  • improve your productivity,
  • allow you to deliver your project on time and on budget,
  • avoid late penalties and litigation
  • and more importantly satisfy your clients.

L - Lower operational costs

In 2021 the effect of Brexit and the pandemic led to increased material prices and a shortage of staff, the recovery in the construction industry will demand that you deliver more and more projects with fewer people and thinner margins.

Driving Vision Cloud solutions could save you 23% of operational costs, labour, and material, identifying areas where costs can be cut and improving your scheduling method to effectively use your workforce, avoiding clashes and costly reworks, and finishing your projects on time and within budget.

U - User experience enhanced

Before introducing the cloud in your workflows Driving Vision analyses how you store and secure your data in order to streamline your processes to save you cost and increase your productivity.

The transition to the cloud will bring value to both large and small companies in the AECO industry.

Driving Vision solutions will move you from the licensing model to the subscription model so you are automatically upgraded when a new version of the software is available.

Driving Vision solutions:

  • eliminate waste and focus on what is critical to your success.
  • simplify the complex and automate the mundane to improve consistency, transparency, and efficiency.
  • improve navigation using intuitive elements like icons, graphical cues and breadcrumb links
  • create a seamless user flow and templates in compliance with ISO 19650 requirements
  • support and train the users in classrooms or with video tutorials, pop-ups and documentation.
  • optimise load times and give you easy access to our platform from any devices: smartphones, tablets, laptops virtual desktops.

T - Templates for more accurate reporting

Driving Vision solutions make your reporting easier and your analysis of information more accurate. All our recommended systems offer you real-time information ready to review at any time for you to:

  • make it easy to dissect data as the information provided is generated from across your projects
  • all projects will encounter issues. Accurate reporting allows you to make decisions quickly and appropriately using the best information available.

E - Extensibility is easy and affordable

With the economy picking up there will be more and more demand for your organisation to deliver new projects with a stable workforce, Driving Vision solutions are scalable and can extend easily as they integrate well with new systems and components, so you can grow your businesses confidently, handle the additional workload efficiently, and improve your margins.

With the ability to access information from anywhere in the world, you will have the opportunity to expand into other territories and access new types of projects.

L - Locomotion improves access to data

With Driving Vision cloud solutions, powered by our partner Cloudalize, you will continue to be mobile. You will be able to have the same experience and access the same information on a smartphone, tablet or laptop, as you can on a desktop, from anywhere in the world.

Driving Vision integrates all sorts of applications to allow you to communicate across the board easily. Our partner Plannerly will help you do all your project management work collaboratively in the cloud:

  • Planning
  • Scoping
  • Contracting
  • Scheduling
  • Tracking
  • Verifying and Approving.

This means that users will be able to capture and input data wherever they are, whether it is at home, in the office, or on a construction site. It will improve your efficiency and reporting, giving your teams the right access, at the right time to relevant information.

Y - Yielding ROI by moving to the cloud

Driving Vision research found that 21 % of companies that moved to the cloud saw an improvement in profitability, over a two years period, compared with 5.4% of other companies that had used standard in-house systems.

The reasons behind the finding are that a cloud solution reduces business overheads:

  • IT staff salaries / IT outsourced costs
  • hardware costs
  • data security and infrastructure maintenance costs
  • duplication of input reducing manpower requirement
  • increase accuracy of data improve the decision-making process, leading to less wastage
  • ease of data analysis allows better scheduling to optimise the use of your workforce.

A shift towards the Driving Vision subscription models will help your business to positively improve your bottom line.

In conclusion

Any construction company that is not currently utilising a cloud ERP technology is at risk of being left behind.

Companies that have implemented cloud software will benefit from improved ROI, increased efficiency with the ability to scale up quickly.

The ability to view the very latest information empowers decision-makers with the confidence that they are choosing the very best action going forward.

With the use of the cloud, ERP technology has never been more able, to provide the level of accurate information, that it is today. This is incredibly important when it comes to cost control and establishing a positive relationship between you and your suppliers.

It makes a compelling case for your company to strongly consider using a cloud-based ERP for your business to move forward.

Driving Vision solutions would enable you to work within a single, centrally sourced, up-to-date information model in real-time. If you decide that it is time for you to join other construction companies in the cloud arena, let’s chat today.

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The BIM Culture changes the way you think and act

  • Your staff will be encouraged to work in a consistent, predictable and cohesive way
  • All information is connected a powerful way to manage project data from concept to design, through preconstruction all the way to handover

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